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Audiomachine's Epic Ability

Remixed (Audiomachine, 2014)

Music producers Audiomachine are well-known for their epic soundtracks to popular video games as well as well as movie trailers. On Remixed, various remix artists transform the symphonic epics by adding electronic music elements. The transformation doesn’t generate electronic dance music. Most of the pieces retain the bombastic sensation and the popular ominous choral style inspired by Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

Remixed contains familiar trailer pieces such as Guardians at the Gate from Avatar, Land of Shadows from Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, and Four Horsemen from Maleficent.

“In most cases, the marriage of music and picture played out exactly on-screen as it did in our imagination, when we first sat down to write the tracks,” says Paul Dinletir, audiomachine’s main composer. “Other times, we’ve seen how open, creative minds, unencumbered by typical trailer guidelines can interpret our music in totally unique and unexpected ways.”

“For this project, we wanted to harness that creativity in a new way,” adds audiomachine’s Carol Sovinski. “So we reached out to some of our favorite artists and gave them free rein to re-envision our music through their lens.”

Audiomachine’s Remixed is a sonic epic ride with lavish arrangements and massive choruses.

Remixed Track List:

1. Blood and Stone [Ivan Torrent Remix]
2. Breath and Life [Digweed Remix]
3. Akkadian Empire [Paul Dinletir Remix]
4. Reaching [White Sea Remix]
5. Phoenix Rising [Cole Plante Remix]*
6. Guardians at the Gate [David García Díaz Remix]
7. Ruins of Nan Madol [Photek Remix]
8. Above and Beyond [RAC Remix]
9. Helios [Witchman Remix]
10. Judge and Jury [Paul Dinletir Remix]
11. Fire and Honor [Matt Lange Remix]
12. Guardians at the Gate [Bruno Cariou Remix]
13. Four Horsemen [Martyn Corbet Remix]
14. Transcedence [Dawn Golden Remix]
15. Apollo’s Triumph [Paul Dinetir Remix]
16. Drakon’s Empire [Witchman Remix]
17. 10 Inch Nails [Alluxe Remix]
18. Land of Shadows [Kelly Andrew Remix]